"Daily Show": Meet the moron who got San Francisco to ban Happy Meals

Via Reason, Heritage, and a slew of other righty blogs, cleanse your palate with a salty, fatty video snack. Things start slow but hang in there for the end of the interview between Frisco nanny-in-chief Eric Mar and Aasif Mandvi, who finally gives up on trying to contain his incredulity. Between Gavin Newsom opposing the ban and TDS now devoting five-minute segments to goofing on it, I wonder how much support there is even on the left for this sort of thing. How would a national poll shake out? Fifteen percent in favor, maybe? Twenty percent?

If they’re willing to go after this sort of liberal excess, I’m guessing the segment on the new edition of Huckleberry Finn is already in the works. Exit question: Do they have a conservative on the writing staff? Maybe just a guy who voted once for Bloomberg back when he was an, ahem, “Republican,” right?

San Francisco’s Happy Meal Ban
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