Chris Matthews: Sometimes I get the feeling that Democrats don't want to enforce the border

Via Mediaite. Yesterday he demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate, today he’s punching hippies for being weak on immigration. Tomorrow he’ll be wearing a Gadsden flag t-shirt and doing segments on the Tenth Amendment. His assimilation is almost complete, my friends.

What he’s actually doing here, whether he means to or not, is making the case against the DREAM Act. It’s not that the subjects of that bill are unsympathetic — they’re probably the most sympathetic subset of America’s illegal alien population — but rather that because the left is transparently opposed to serious border enforcement, the right can’t afford to make any unilateral concessions on this issue. Period, full stop. In fact, Matthews could have and should have completed his thought by exploring the many wonderful little obstruction techniques that amnesty shills will use to roll back the enforcement part if/when a comprehensive immigration bill ever passes. Mickey Kaus could help him out with that, along with explaining why illegal labor and income equality might be mutually exclusive. If Matthews is willing to go this far in front of MSNBC’s left-leaning audience, why not have Kaus on and go the whole nine yards?