Video: How real men celebrate Christmas

We haven’t had any palate cleansers lately and, judging from our comment numbers, most of our readers have checked out for Christmas anyway, so let’s get festive. How manly is this dish? It’s manlier than a bunch of Marines watching football while smoking cigars. It’s manlier than a cowboy hunting lions with a knife. It’s manlier than a genetically engineered hybrid of Chris Christie, Dale Peterson, and Ted Nugent. Even a single bite would instantly transform even the lowliest beta male (ahem) into an alpha. We could run this thing as the tea party candidate for Senate in Maine two years from now and it would beat Olympia Snowe. By 35 points.

This is the sort of dish, actually, that I can imagine the Palins sitting down to. Until Mike Huckabee bursts through the door, tears streaming down his face, and tosses it to the floor in rage.