Video: "Thor" trailer

So, between this and “The Green Lantern,” the lesson is that we’ve exhausted the supply of cool superheroes, right? Superman got the movie treatment long ago, then we got a half dozen Batman films and Spider-Man broke big, then they rolled the dice on the Hulk and rebounded a bit with Iron Man, and now … this. I keep making jokes about the inevitability of an Aqua Man movie and they’re getting less funny by the day. There are but two options, my friends: Either we come up with fun new postmodern superheroes for films or we jump off the cliff and just do the Aqua Man picture already. Instead of playing it straight, maybe they could borrow a page from “The Brady Bunch Movie” and turn it into a satire of the concept. Cast Will Ferrell in the lead, with Mike Myers as Poseidon? You’d see it.

Minor surprise here: Natalie Portman starring opposite the Heath Ledger-y guy as Thor.