House passes “chicken crap” bill limiting Bush tax cuts extension to the middle class

The Weekly Standard’s headline: “House Democrats Vote to Increase Taxes.” 234-188, with only three Republicans voting yes — Walter Jones, Jimmy Duncan, and our old friend Ron Paul. This bill is as dead in the Senate as the Democrats’ chances are of taking back Congress in 2012, but Madam Speaker wants to remind her base that she’ll be fightin’ for the cause next year after having led the party to utter ruin last month, so here she is forcing a meaningless vote to give Democrats a few days of “party of the rich” talking points. I wonder if, when the inevitable deal is struck extending all the cuts temporarily, she’ll be willing to bring that new bill to the floor or if she’ll refuse out of spite and force Boehner to do it himself when he takes the gavel next year. That’ll be a bureaucratic hassle for taxpayers and the IRS, but Nancy’s got to prove her worth somehow.

Two clips for you, one of Boehner unloading on the Democrats’ tactics in colorful terms and the other of Dem Rep. Joe Crowley accusing the GOP of wanting to protect rich dogs or something. Click the second image to watch.