Michelle Obama on a second term: It’s important for Barack to finish what he started

As Dennis Miller once said in comparing German reunification to a Martin and Lewis reunion, I’m not a fan of his previous work and thus I’m really not looking forward to seeing the new sh*t. In fact, what is the new sh*t that he has planned for a second Obama term? Cap and trade is dead for good, I think; they were struggling to find the votes for that even when Democrats were flying high, but after this month’s shellacking, it’ll be years before they get another centrist to come aboard. Amnesty is always possible, but The One really wants to get that done before 2012 so that he can be personally rewarded for it by Latinos at the polls. After the election, his incentive to push it through will disappear. Expanding ObamaCare to include a public option would have been a no-brainer if Democrats were still in good shape congressionally, but he’s probably facing a Republican majority in both chambers come 2013. In which case, what’s the big legislative program that he needs to “finish”? Are there some more car companies he’s hoping to bail out? Do we need to blow a few hundred billion dollars more on another wasteful stimulus now that the first one’s petering out? Is Michelle waiting for term two to become the new Jackie Kennedy that parasitic D.C. socialites dreamed she’d be when he was first elected? What’s the plan?

Two exit questions for you. One: Does FLOTUS’s sighing consternation here about having to endure another four years of family sacrifice in the White House lend any credence to that rumor about what she said to Sarkozy’s wife? Two: Does the Perpetual Campaigner really never think about Sarah Palin? C’mon. I’ll bet she’s come up a time or two in his chats with Plouffe and Axelrod. Click the image to watch.