TSA chief to senators: I can arrange to have your junk touched if you’d like

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband, because they’re touching everybody’s junk out there.

John Pistole told senators on the Senate Science, Commerce and Transportation Committee that he “insisted” on receiving the pat-down to “experience what that involves so that we would know before we rolled it out,” and added that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has gotten a pat-down as well.

“Honestly, any member who has not experienced that pat-down [and] who would like to do that — I would not offer it — but an experienced qualified security officer would be glad to do that,” Pistole said…

“Yes, it was more invasive than what I was used to,” said Pistole. “Of course, what’s in my mind … is what are the plots out there, how are we informed by the latest intelligence and latest technology and what do we need to do to ensure the American people that as they travel that we are being thorough.”

You’ll be pleased to hear that GOP Senators Mike Johanns and George LeMieux both challenged Pistole on the junk-touching at today’s hearing, whereas the most notable contribution from Democrats was Claire McCaskill celebrating the fact that the new see-through scanners would enable her to avoid, ahem, “love pats” from TSA screeners. Here’s Pistole on with Shep Smith during the three p.m. hour of Fox, with Shep pressing him on the inevitable hypothetical of what’ll happen if a jihadi smuggles explosives onto a flight via “body cavity.” Pistole essentially brushes him off, insisting that the current technology should be sufficient for all our needs but acknowledges that airline security is … “evolving.” Hey, buddy? If the day ever comes when a passenger is asked to submit to a patdown and the screener pulls out a pocket flashlight, it’s game over.

Exit question: Are we absolutely sure that the see-through scanners work? Or are we all better off skipping them and submitting to the mandatory crank-yanking instead?