Video: Cheney salutes Bush at groundbreaking for presidential library

A palate cleanser to prove that Bush wasn’t kidding when he told interviewers that the rift between them after l’affaire Libby had healed. It’s worth watching if only because we haven’t had a glimpse of Darth Vader in a while — and when you see how much weight he’s lost, it’s apparent why.

Mr. Cheney’s attendance was a rare public appearance since his long hospital stay for heart trouble earlier this year. He appeared much thinner and more hesitant in his gait, and he used a cane to walk, although he put it aside when it came time to approach the lectern. After the speeches and ceremonial dirt turning, he quickly departed, while other luminaries lingered and chatted.

Bush spoke too, of course, and emphasized that Obama deserves the right to govern without criticism from his predecessor. Er, what about his predecessor’s VP? Exit quotation: “When times have been tough or the critics have been loud, you’ve always said you had faith in history’s judgment, and history is beginning to come around.” Click the image to watch.

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