Bad news from Jesse Jackson: Repealing ObamaCare would mean "creeping genocide"

Via Greg Hengler, a sneak preview of the smart, sober rhetoric we can expect from the Party Of Ideas after the new GOP House is seated. What this means, I take it, is that “creeping genocide” has not only been going on in America for a few hundred years thanks to the absence of universal health care, but that Democrats actually voted earlier this year to let it keep on creeping until 2014. That’s when the time-release capsule that is ObamaCare finally kicks in, after all, a delayed start motivated by (a) Obama not wanting to have to face any unintended consequences at the polls in 2012 and (b) the Democrats’ desperate need to game the CBO numbers in order to fool the public about how much the program really costs. But then, after centuries of “creeping genocide,” what’s four more years?

I’m tempted to ask how this imbecile defines “genocide” based on the examples he gives in the clip, but frankly, I’d rather not know. Just remember this: Once, long ago, he used that word to describe abortion before conveniently turning pro-choice in time for his 1988 Democratic presidential campaign. That’s how seriously he takes this concept.

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET