Video: The saddest election party

Via Breitbart, the year’s most surreal campaign ends with an appropriately surreal ballroom event. I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand, was there no one in his personal orbit or the Democratic state leadership who could have averted a spectacle by talking him into staying home last night? Something along the lines of “Let’s show the voters that we feel their pain by not holding any big events”? Why send him out to run the media gauntlet?

On the other hand, he does seem to be having fun. From a Times piece published last weekend about Greene’s trip to a local fair:

For three hours, Mr. Greene, 33, did just about everything at the fair except attend to the task at hand. As South Carolina’s unlikely Democratic nominee for the Senate, he was supposed to introduce himself, shake hands and ask for votes. It was, after all, just days before the election, and he had scheduled so few outings…

“I am living my dream,” he said, gazing at the twirling neon rides from beneath the brim of his green Atlanta Braves cap. The lesson of his candidacy, he said, is that “even if you are from rural South Carolina, you can be internationally famous.”…

Nearby, a booth with a sign for the county’s Democratic Party was empty. It had no other signs, or any brochures or visitors.

“Do you believe this?” Mr. Greene asked in both astonishment and delight, as if he had simultaneously discovered a crime and solved it. “This is a dereliction of duty!”

If he’s that hung up about being treated as a serious candidate, then … yeah, maybe there wasn’t a way to talk him out of last night. Maybe the best thing to do for him was to let him go, revel in the media attention — mocking though it was — and enjoy the trappings of a major campaign event in his honor. Look at it this way: The more attention he gets, the likelier it is that he’ll get offers allowing him to cash in on this debacle somehow. How sweet would it be to see Greene get a big payday for his story and be set up for life? Here’s hoping.

By the way: He banked 358,000 votes last night.