Confirmed: Happy Meals now banned in San Francisco

In case electing Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer in the middle of a fiscal crisis wasn’t enough to convince you that California’s on the brink of a new golden age, here’s the clincher.

Remember, so stupid is this idea that even Gavin Newsom opposed it. No problem, though: The city council passed it by a veto-proof margin, thus ensuring that not even one of America’s most famously liberal mayors would obstruct the war on fun.

The response came after the Californian city’s board of supervisors voted to forbid restaurants from giving gifts with meals that contain too much fat and sugar.

“We are extremely disappointed with this decision. It’s not what our customers want, nor is it something they asked for,” said McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud…

Under the ban agreed in a preliminary vote Tuesday, restaurants in San Francisco would have to provide fruit and vegetables with meals accompanied by free toys, according to the San Francisco Chronicle…

Scott Rodrick, who owns 10 McDonald’s franchises in the city, was quoted by the paper as saying: “Somehow the San Francisco Board of Supervisors just took the happy out of Happy Meals.”

The reply from San Fran Supervisor Eric Mar, who sponsored the Mom’s Too Dumb To Decide What Her Kid Eats Act: “Our children are sick.” Semi-serious question for California conservatives (this means you, Patterico): Why are you still there? If it’s a money thing, where you simply can’t afford to leave right now, I understand. If it’s not a money thing, then why? The weather can’t be so great that it’s worth enduring another four years of single-party Democratic government driving the state deeper into a financial sinkhole at the behest of their union patrons. Then again, as a born and bred New Yorker, I’m … hopelessly compromised on this point, right down to the moronic local food bans. Exit question: Time for west and east coast conservatives to move inland, isn’t it?