Oh my: Coons camp reporting lower than expected Dem turnout in Delaware

Two possibilities here, obviously. One: Democratic turnout is actually okay but Team Coons is so worried about GOP enthusiasm that they’ve resorted to scaring the hell out of their supporters to make sure they vote. It’s a head fake, in other words, aimed at goosing their base. Two: They’re on the level and Democrats really aren’t turning out. If it’s the latter, don’t get your hopes up too high for this particular race: A double-digit lead means this guy still has a very wide margin of error. But what it portends for the rest of the country is enormous. If Coons is suddenly looking at a nailbiter in a state as blue as this, despite endless negative coverage of O’Donnell and campaign stops by Obama and Biden, then the mythic GOP super-wave really might be on its way tonight.

And if she actually pulls the upset? It’ll be the Democratic apocalypse.

Democrats in Delaware remain skittish.

In a noon email alert to supporters, Coons campaign manager Christy Gleason said close monitoring of voter turnout in the state’s 41 representative districts showed “lower turnout in New Castle and Kent counties than we’re comfortable with.”

To win, Mr. Coons will have to get heavy support from Democrats and independents in New Castle, the state’s most populous county.

Here she is last night on Greta insisting that the race is tight and could have been tighter if the NRSC had chipped in with a bit more support. The NRSC’s response: “While many of our Republican candidates in very close races have been outspent by the Democrats, Christine is the only Senate candidate who has had the resources to run 30-minute ads, rather than 30-second ads.” Yeah, she’s flush with cash and there were plenty of other states — Nevada, Alaska, and Pennsylvania, for starters — that were tighter where help was needed. But if she ends up losing this in a squeaker, good luck convincing anyone tomorrow that they allocated their resources appropriately. Exit question: If O’Donnell is closer than we think in Delaware, what’s the margin going to be between Angle and Reid tonight?