8 p.m.: Eastern U.S. coming in; Update: Coons, Blumenthal, Manchin win; Winners: Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Tim Scott, Dan Webster over Alan Grayson; Update: Grayson blames weather

The polls are about to close in 19 states, so prepare for an avalanche of returns. Senate races this hour: Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Mark Kirk in Illinois, Linda McMahon in Connecticut and … O’Donnell. If Coons’s lead held, that race should be called fairly quickly. Other Senate races are locks for the GOP: Kelly Ayotte, a mama grizzly, is going to win in New Hampshire, and John Boozman’s finally going to put Blanche Lincoln out of her misery in Arkansas.

Massachusetts is also coming in this hour; if Bielat pulls the upset, look out for a ‘bot cameo. Other House races: Kristi Noem is favored against Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin in SD-1; ancient Democratic titan Ike Skelton tries to hold on in MO-4; and John Dingell aims for his 8,000th term in the House by holding off Rob Steele in MI-15.

Update: Right at the top of the hour, CNN calls it for Ayotte, and … Chris Coons. The blowout evidently happened. There’ll be more to say about that tomorrow, but not tonight.

Update: Finally, finally, CNN calls Florida for Rubio. Our long national nightmare is over; the most cynical opportunist in the entire field this year is no more.

Dude, it’s time.

Update: Here’s one to please grassroots righties: Tom Perriello, who defended his ObamaCare and stimulus votes and brought The One in to campaign him last week, is reportedly kaput. That’s not an official call, but he’s eight points down with 63 percent reporting. Meanwhile, right next door in Virginia, Rick Boucher still trails by six with 69 percent reporting. That’s a huge bellwether if it holds; now we’re looking at something in the neighborhood of 65 seats or more.

Update: How sweet it is: With 42 percent reporting, Rubio’s got fully 50 percent of the vote. A clear majority in this race would be phenomenal.

Update: Virginia’s turning into a complete wipeout for the Democrats: Reportedly, Glenn Nye’s on his way to defeat too. Remember all the media hype two years ago about how the state was turning blue after Obama won it? Thank Bob McDonnell for showing Virginians that the GOP can govern for helping goose these returns.

Update: Revealing exit poll anecdotes in Delaware:

“I’m sorry but I am not her,” said Carol Terry, 72, an independent who voted at a Smyrna middle school. “She has no agenda, no experience.”

Even Republicans had a hard time supporting her. The party establishment all but gave up on her campaign, and many GOP voters said they felt compelled to back Coons.

“I just couldn’t see her as my senator,” said Gary Stulir, a 41-year-old Republican from Smyrna. “She just couldn’t take responsibility for anything she did … I can’t believe anybody backs her.”

Update: Remember Suzanne Kosmas, who allegedly traded her vote on ObamaCare to The One in exchange for some NASA-related pork? That race has been called. She’s gone.

Update: Wonderful, if completely expected, news: Tim Scott wins his House race in South Carolina, becoming the first black Republican sent to the House from the south since Reconstruction.

Update: Go watch the Humpbot clip above a second time: Alan Grayson’s about to concede. As I write this, with 65 percent in, Webster’s up 17 points. Work it, Humpy.

Update: The match is over for Linda McMahon: ABC calls it for Blumenthal, per Tapper on Twitter.

Update: Confirmed: The AP says Boucher and Perriello both lose. Again, Boucher’s seat was ranked 70th on Nate Silver’s list of seats likely to turn red.

Update: Wow — according to a La Raza poll, 62 percent of Latino Floridians broke for Rubio. Yet another reason why he’ll end up on the ticket someday.

Update: Brutal — Fox and ABC are both calling West Virginia for Manchin. You can forget the Senate majority now.

Update: Confirmed: Baron “Political Terrorists” Hill is done in Indiana. His was the 41st most likely seat to turn Republican in Silver’s model. Between the Senate disappointments tonight and the big GOP wins in Virgnia, it looks like we’re headed for a big wave but not a mega-tsunami: 50-65 House seats plus a much stronger minority in the Senate.

Update: Maybe I spoke too soon about the mega-tsunami: NBC ranked Boucher’s seat 85th among likely pick-ups.

Update: It’s come to this:

Grayson conceded at his watch party at Slingapour’s in downtown Orlando Tuesday night.

Grayson’s campaign said they needed a massive Democratic turnout to win, and that simply didn’t happen with the weather.

With 78 percent reporting, the guy’s down 17 points.