11 p.m.: West coast coming in; Shock: Brown, Boxer already winners in California; Winners: Allen West, Pat Toomey, John Kasich; Update: Kirk on brink of victory

We should start getting our first real returns from Nevada at any time now. In the meantime, two more big ones in the Senate: Fiorina’s going to try to take care of Senator Ma’am in California and Dino Rossi’s looking to take out Patty Murray in Washington. It pains me to say it, but given the GOP wipeout in Massachusetts tonight, I’m skeptical that the red wave will penetrate states as blue as those.

One more to watch for in the House: Loretta “The Vietnamese are trying to take our seat” Sanchez is a favorite over Van Tran.

Update: I’m cautiously optimistic that both Toomey and Kirk are going to pull it out. The former now leads by 38,000 votes with 94 percent in, the latter by 45,000 votes with 86 percent in.

Update: Unreal: Both Fiorina and Meg Whitman are roadkill at the top of the hour. Fox has already called those races for Boxer and Jerry Brown. Good luck getting out of the economic ditch with total Democratic control, California.

Update: No surprise: Joe Cao has been utterly crushed in his Louisiana district.

Update: I can’t find any confirmation online yet, but the buzz on Twitter is that Ret. Col. Allen West is now Rep. Allen West. And remember this guy?

With 99 percent reporting, he’s down by 2,000 votes to Renee Ellmers. The next time he grabs someone around the neck in the street, he’ll do it as a private citizen.

Update: Wow. The buzz on Twitter is that Ike Skelton, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and a congressional vet of 34 years, is a goner. I’m waiting for confirmation on that, but based on the numbers right now, it looks good.

Update: Ah, here’s the data on Allen West: With almost every county precinct reporting, he’s comfortably ahead. Congrats!

Update: After near meltdowns in the last hour, both Toomey and Mark Kirk now have things in hand. With 96 percent in Toomey now leads by more than 100,000 votes; in Illinois, Kirk leads by 70,000 votes with 92 percent reporting. We should get a call on both soon.

Update: Sorry, mistake in the last update: Toomey’s lead is actually around 60,000 votes with 98 percent reporting. Any minute now…

Update: At last, sweet relief. The AP calls Pennsylvania for Pat Toomey.

Update: Another close one in a swing state breaks for the GOP. John Kasich knocks off incumbent Ted Strickland to become the next governor of Ohio.