Hot new MoveOn ad campaign: You can't stomp on me, Republicans

They’re of course playing off the incident outside that Rand Paul/Jack Conway debate earlier this week, which to the left is an indictment of every tea partier in the world and to the other 80 percent of America is an isolated thing that doesn’t matter a whit to the election. Which explains why Rasmussen’s new poll has Paul up by fully 12 points.

I should have included this in that post earlier about the Party of Ideas not wanting to talk about ideas so much right now. ObamaCare? Never heard of it. Rand Paul supporter stepping on someone’s shoulder? National campaign.

Liberal organizations are one-upping the Tea Party’s “Don’t tread on me” slogan with a new “You can’t stomp on me” campaign. Liberal organizations, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and CREDO are uniting in reaction to the incident on Monday when a volunteer for Republican Rand Paul’s campaign for U.S. Senate in Kentucky literally stomped his foot on activist Laura Valle, leaving her with a concussion.

The organization is calling on people to take a picture of themselves with a sign that says, “You can’t stomp on me,” and then upload the picture to the site. “By uploading your picture,” reads the e-mail, “you can show that your voice will not be silenced even in the face of intimidating and thuggish behavior. We’ll put all the photos in one public place as a statement of solidarity with Lauren and a promise to keep speaking out.”

Here’s the MoveOn page, which, incredible though it may seem, isn’t the first liberal website to invite taking photos of yourself holding a sign because you’re depressed about an election. Remember “Sorry Everybody” after Bush won? What is with these people and their strange form of therapy? Dude, I think it’s genetic.

You’ll be pleased to know that none other than Michael Moore has a brand new op-ed built around this very same theme, and it’s every bit as smart and sober as you’d expect it to be. The punchline to all this MoveOn hand-wringing about wingnut violence? Watch the video below (via Gateway Pundit) and you’ll see. Exit quotation: “If I’m going to take part in these political events, I need to learn some self-control.”