Video: Rubio airs first 2016 presidential campaign ad

I think he’s gunning for 2016, but you never know: As we’ve learned, having basically zero federal experience is no longer a disqualifier for the world’s most important job. Seriously, though, here’s his “closing argument” in the Florida Senate race, which is being received rapturously by righties on Twitter. The middle bit, about the stakes this year, could be lifted and applied to any race in the country. If there was any doubt about the outcome in Florida, this would erase it — but luckily, at this point, there is no doubt.

Or is there?

Did Rep. Kendrick Meek and Gov. Charlie Crist plot Monday to join forces?…

The Daily Caller contacted representatives for both campaigns after a tipster claimed that Meek and Crist disappeared for a private talk at Monday’s AIPAC event in Hollywood, Fla. Neither campaign confirmed the private meeting, but a Meek staffer rebuffed the rumors that have been floating through Florida’s political circles.

“We know the Crist campaign has pushed the rumor that [Meek] is dropping out. Those rumors were bought and paid for by Charlie Crist U.S. Senate,” the staffer said…

When called for comment Crist spokesman Danny Kanner told TheDC, “Candidates get together and say things. Let me check into it.”

It’d be tough to sell a deal like that this late in the day, after supporters have sat through multiple debates of these three attacking each other. The time to do it was a few weeks ago, before Rubio built up momentum and Meek started banking votes in early voting. It’s still Crist’s best/only chance, and just for the blog-drama value of the ultimate October surprise being sprung, it’d be fascinating if it happened. But I have to believe that Rubio would win anyway as some of Crist’s supporters finally peeled away, unable to digest even one more ounce of shameless opportunistic careerism. I have to believe that. Or else I won’t sleep tonight.

Those 2016 primary debates between Rubio and Chris Christie are going to be pretty sweet, huh?