Aw: Soros donates $1 million to Media Matters

“Wait,” you say, “hasn’t Soros been funding them for years?” Not exactly: He’s been donating to other lefty groups for years — Tides, Democracy Alliance, etc — and they’ve in turn been donating to Media Matters. The big news today is that he’s decided to cut out the middleman.

In a statement obtained by The Caucus, the organization says it plans to use the money to intensify its efforts to hold the Fox host Glenn Beck and others on the cable news channel accountable for their reporting.

“Fox has transformed itself into a 24-7 G.O.P. attack machine, dividing Americans through fear-mongering and falsehoods and undermining the legitimacy of our government for partisan political ends,” the group will say in the statement, to be released Wednesday afternoon.

In an accompanying statement, Mr. Soros, a billionaire who has a history of supporting liberal politicians and causes, accused Fox News hosts of “incendiary rhetoric” and said he hoped that his money would be used “in an effort to more widely publicize the challenge Fox News poses to civil and informed discourse in our democracy.”

Everybody wins here, no? The Brock boys win by getting a cool mil to spend on new Tivos for recording Fox or whatever the hell it is they do with their money. Fox wins by having something juicy for Bill, Glenn, and Sean to talk about tonight on this otherwise extremely slow news day. Soros wins by kicking up a little insta-PR for himself among disgruntled lefties: Remember, he’s been sitting out the midterms this year despite Democrats desperately needing more outside money to try to stem the Republican tide. Dropping seven figures on the left’s favorite hatchet shop to keep screeching about Fox is right in the nutroots’s pleasure zone, and the fact that he’s making a big show of doing it publicly helps their talking point about shadowy Republican donors and the Chamber of Commerce. And of course, you and I win too, my friends — for the simple reason that this news is bound to inspire yet another “Red Eye” robot theater salute to Soros and Media Matters. Remember this golden oldie from January? Gutfeld and Andy Levy will have a hard time topping it, but I have faith.