Quotes of the day

“I have faith they will shake things up because that’s why we’re sending them there.

“And this is kind of — I think some in the GOP, it is their last shot. It is their last chance. We will lose states and be disappointed from them if they start straying from the bedrock principles that can grow our economy. If they start straying, then why not a third party? That’s what people are going to start asking.”

“WOW. Just heard Limbaugh’s opening monologue, where he gave the GOP establishment both barrels. Seems he doesn’t just fear a return to business-as-usual after November, but actually expects it. He’s openly warning that this will create a third party for 2012. I’ve issued the same kind of warnings myself, but he seemed a lot more . . . definite about it. I wonder what he knows that I don’t?”

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