Video: National embarrassment upset that GOP is calling him a national embarrassment

He is, of course, every inch a national embarrassment — and yet still not the biggest embarrassment to appear in this clip. That would be Schultz, who actually lets this bottom-feeder skate when he dares, dares to complain about negative ads after running the two sleaziest, most offensive spots of the entire midterm campaign. It’s one thing not to challenge Grayson when he claims that George W. Bush was the original tea partier or whatever; this is, after all, MSNBC, and certain idiotic assertions must be allowed for the good of the Cause. But talking points are one thing and outright laughing-in-your-face hypocrisy is another, and yet not a word is uttered by Big Ed about Grayson’s own disgraceful ad offerings. On the contrary, he couldn’t possibly be more unctuous in sucking up to Teacups as some sort of paradigmatic liberal warrior. We’ve actually reached the point where it’s fair to say of MSNBC’s big-name talent, “I wish they could be as fair as Contessa Brewer.” Schultz’s tears on November 3 will be simply delicious. Exit quotation from our smear-merchant national embarrassment, who’s compared conservatives to Klansmen and terrorists among other things: “This is their idea of constructive dialogue.” Click the image to watch.