Michelle Obama: Keep praying to "keep the spirits clean around us"

Posted for one reason and one reason only: This might be my first, last, and best chance to convert some of the readership to atheism. If the prayers were working, the Times wouldn’t be running articles right now about how much our current “recovery” still feels like a recession, am I right? Quote: “At the current rate of job creation, the nation would need nine more years to recapture the jobs lost during the recession.” If that’s what the clean spirits look like, what do they look like when they’re dirty? C’mon — atheist high-five. Anyone? S.E. Cupp? Ah, you guys are no fun.

Seriously, though, this clip is being featured on Drudge at the moment and I’m not sure why anyone would object to it. It’s just standard “prayers for the president” rhetoric, isn’t it? As old as America. Leave FLOTUS alone! Click the image to watch.