CNN poll: Reid down to ... 40%

It’s still a nailbiter: Angle leads by just two thanks to Scott Ashjian and “none of the above” being on the ticket. I can’t believe, though, that Nevadans who go to the polls on election day in a razor-thin race with a chance to bounce the Senate majority leader are going to throw their vote away on a third-party loser or NOTA. They’ll hold their noses and break one way or another. And if yesterday’s Fox poll is any guide, it’s pretty clear whom they’ll be breaking for.

According to a CNN/Time/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Wednesday, 42 percent of likely voters in Nevada are backing Angle, who enjoys strong support from many in the Tea Party movement, with four in ten supporting Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate who’s bidding for a fifth term in the chamber. Seven percent of people questioned are supporting Scott Ashjian, who is running as a Tea Party candidate, but who is shunned by many in the grassroots conservative moment, and 10 percent say they are voting for none of the candidates listed…

“It’s a two-point race with Ashjian on the ballot, but it’s also a two-point race when voters are asked a hypothetical question about a race with only Reid and Angle’s name on the ballot,” says Holland. “That suggests that Ashjian is pulling his support about evenly from both sides, rather than taking most of his support from the Republican. Only about one in ten supporters of the Tea Party movement choose Ashjian in the three-way race.”…

The poll also indicates that Reid holds a 43 to 32 percent advantage over Angle among the larger sampling of registered voters, with nine percent backing Ashjian and 15 percent saying they supporting none of the above.

Thank heaven for the enthusiasm gap. As for Ashjian pulling evenly from both sides, I don’t get that at all. Disgruntled Democrats have the “none of the above” option if they don’t want to vote for Reid but can’t stomach Angle; moreover, Ashjian’s a self-identified tea party candidate, a brand which should have Democratic voters fleeing in terror at this point. I can understand grassroots conservatives who haven’t looked carefully at the candidates yet being duped into voting for him based on the brand, but why would that happen to liberals?

To put you in the mood for Dingy Harry’s imminent collapse, enjoy this dynamite new spot from the Republican Governors Association. The wind is at our back. Sail on.