Rahm to Obama: You've faced the toughest times of any president, like, ever

Not only that, we’re told, but The One has been “the toughest leader any country could ask for” in such a challenging age. I won’t bother running through the conservative answer to that, which you’re all equally capable of; just imagine how liberals, who’ve been squealing for months about Obama’s refusal to fight for a public option during the ObamaCare battle, must have received that line.

The Daily Caller notes that even Rahm-hating lefties are wondering why the chief of staff’s departure would warrant a full bells-and-whistles press conference. Two reasons, I assume: (1) It’s free TV time ahead of the midterms for Democrats to remind voters that they should be graded on a curve because, after all, these are the toughest times evah; and (2) it’s a mayoral campaign commercial for Rahm. The staff might have given him a dead fish as a farewell gift but Obama gave him a de facto endorsement carried live on national cable news networks. Better than a gold watch, no?

His replacement, Pete Rouse, is also introduced here. Politics Daily describes him as an “unmarried cat lover”; as an unmarried cat lover myself, I hereby proclaim Pete Rouse presumptively awesome. Exit question: Scale of one to 10, how funny will it be if Rahm loses the mayoral primary? Exit answer: Fifteen.