Surrender: New Rasmussen poll shows Russ Feingold down … 12 points

Do I need to say anything or is this trendline from HuffPo’s poll of polls sufficient?

Follow the HuffPo link and scroll down to the see the hard numbers. The race was tight all through “Recovery Summer,” then summer ended and, alas, there was no recovery, and so to Senator Russ we bid a fond adieu. This actually isn’t the first poll to show him trailing by double digits — Kos’s pollster had it 52/41 ten days ago compared to 54/42 in Rasmussen today — but it confirms that the momentum’s all in Johnson’s direction. Two weeks ago, when Rasmussen last surveyed this race, he led by seven; that was the very first poll showing the Republican ahead by more than a point or two, but several others followed showing similar numbers. Now it’s opening wider, raising a possibility that never, ever would have occurred to me even in the rosiest campaign scenarios a few months ago: Is the DSCC going to have to pull the plug on more ad money for Wisconsin and leave Feingold for dead? Sestak is now within three of Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, so there’s a winnable race they could spend on instead. And thanks to Linda McMahon and John Raese, they’re being forced to sink big dollars into states they never expected would be contested. Resources are limited, so it’s triage time. Time to leave Russ on the battlefield?

Via Ben Smith, here’s Feingold’s new ad touting his support for … ObamaCare. What could go wrong?