Sure, why not: Stephen Colbert to testify about immigration before House committee -- in character

I thought the Daily Caller must have been suckered, but no, apparently, this is really and truly happening. Could be a fun way for Pelosi to spend her last days as speaker, though, yes? Have Colby in this week on immigration, Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld next week on health care, Sarah Silverman the week after that on abortion (a barnburner!), and so forth. Maybe have Franken come down the hall from the Senate to do some improv with them. Cancel the recess; held over by popular demand!

One Republican source said Colbert will be testifying “in character,” the Bill O’Reilly-like muse Colbert uses for his show.

A Judiciary Committee spokeswoman, confirming Colbert would testify, said the hearing matter was a “serious issue . . . this is not a TV stunt.”

Some Republicans have already expressed unhappiness with Colbert witnessing at the hearing, thinking it would make light of a serious issue.

Politico says he’s testifying alongside the president of the United Farm Workers, who appeared on his show back in June to make the case that farm work really is among the semi-mythical Jobs That Americans Won’t Do. Among the subcommittee members who’ll be grilling them: Noted media whore Anthony Weiner, who’s doubtless counting the minutes, and anti-amnesty stalwart Steve King, who’ll probably do most of the jousting with Colby. Memo to King: Be sure to read this in case Cesar Chavez is invoked. Which, let’s face it, he will be.

Fun fact to bear in mind in case your outrage meter is popping here: Our very serious Congress has also invited puppets to testify before its committees.

Arturo Rodriguez
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