Ohio Democratic chairman: What’s up with these tea-party f***ers?

Three reasons not to get too upset. One: Hey — it beats “teabagger.” Two: These days, you’re apt to hear worse language about tea partiers at a meeting of the Republican caucus in Congress. Three: Given the way things are going in Ohio, this tool’s likely to be unemployed in a few months. He’s under stress. Cut him some slack.

And no, he’s not sorry:

Let’s talk about what is truly obscene:

* Tea Partiers in Ohio compare President Obama to Hitler.
* They shout at town halls that President Obama is not an American.
* They harassed a victim of Parkinson’s disease in Columbus.
* And they engage in campaigns of lies and fear against our president, our governor, and others — all with the goal of keeping us silent and sitting at home.

These tactics have no place in our politics, and I will NEVER apologize for speaking out forcefully against them. And let me be clear: I will not back down from the passion I feel about the issues impacting working families in this state.

You can watch the unedited clip here but if you’re looking for something a bit more comprehensive, replete with voter reaction, click the image below. Exit question: Newest tea party f***er — John Bolton?