Video: The manliest ad in political history

Via Ace, who claims that Duffy’s bound to win. Probably true — he’s a strong candidate and, even in a state like Wisconsin, should be able to ride the big red tide to November glory — but this is David Obey’s seat, remember. The first rule of eeyorism: Take nothing for granted. (The second rule of eeyorism: You’ll lose anyway.)

We did something for the guys last night so it’s only right that we be even-handed today. Here you go. You’re welcome, ladies (and beta males). Exit question: How could this ad have been manlier? I’m thinking maybe if he killed a bear at the end. Or, if Dale Peterson had made a cameo. Either way.

Update: Just watched it a second time. Such is its manliness that I think it might have the power to make the people watching it more manly. Dude — I’m an alpha male now.