Krauthammer to DeMint and Palin: Go down to Delaware and prove that O’Donnell is electable

No sense in letting Rove take all the abuse today among traitorous Beltway RINOs who’ve allegedly never done a thing for “true conservative.” Let’s get Krauthammer into the game. This is actually a useful follow-up to the last post insofar as it’s yet another opportunity to show how Palin implicitly (and wisely) questions the dogma that right-wing candidates can win anywhere, any time, in any circumstances. Krauthammer dares her to go to Delaware to spearhead the O’Donnell campaign. Doubtless many Sarahcuda fans will say “great idea!” but Palin herself knows better:

Palin’s comments came after the last major primary night before the November midterm elections. Palin-endorsed candidate Christine O’Donnell stole the spotlight by defeating nine-term Rep. Mike Castle in the Delaware GOP Senate primary.

But the 2008 vice presidential nominee said that her involvement in races might not always benefit the candidates she endorses.

“I’ll do whatever I can. I want to help, though, and not hurt,” she told Fox News. “And, you know, sometimes it’s a double-edged sword there if my name is connected to anybody.”

Translation: Knowing how much Democrats hate Palin, it’d be silly to hand them a club in a state as blue as Delaware by appearing there frequently. If anything, it’d probably do more to alienate pro-Castle fencesitters, who likely blame her for Castle’s defeat, than to fire up Christine supporters who are already fired up. Krauthammer knows that, of course, but he’s making a point here about true belief in “true conservative.” If demographics don’t matter and it’s just a matter of preaching the right-wing gospel to convert the liberal heathens, let’s send our best preachers down there and let it rip. What could go wrong?