Audio: Hey, who's up for Alan Grayson saying something incredibly obnoxious about conservatives?

I almost care, but after a long bloggy week, this is like watching the umpteenth new “scandalous” Lady Gaga video: More than anything else, it just leaves you feeling … weary, and embarrassed for someone who’s trying so hard to shock that it comes off as desperate shtick. And yet I keep posting his crap, don’t I? You and me have a bad romance, Teacups.

This is via the Blaze, by the way, which also has video of noted scab-stomper Richard Trumka lamenting Sarah Palin’s super-scary violent tendencies. Exit question on the Grayson clip: I was a bit young at the time so I can’t be sure, but was the Klan really some major force in … 1985?

Update: For some strange reason, it occurs to me that reading this might make for a fine gloss on the audio.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023