Obama on Iraq: Enough about Iraq, let's talk about the economy

It grieves me to say it, guys, but Olbermann nailed this one. For your viewing pleasure, behold The One trying to atone for neglecting economic priorities last year while Democrats diddled with ObamaCare by awkwardly shoehorning two and a half minutes on the subject into a speech about war. You can practically see the gears turning in his and Axelrod’s heads: On the one hand, this is his chance to crow about keeping his campaign promise to “end the war” even though the war’s far from being over. On the other hand, that kept promise won’t do jack to spare the Democrats from the cataclysm they’re facing at the polls over the economy (and ObamaCare, natch). What’s a midterm-minded president to do? Well, why not dip some economy-rhetoric chocolate into his Iraq-rhetoric peanut butter? They’re two great tastes that taste … not so great together, actually. If he wanted to do the Dems a favor by talking about jobs, why not just give a primetime speech about jobs?

It’s nice to know, though, almost six months after ObamaCare passed that restoring the economy is finally America’s “central mission” going forward. Exit question: I’ve held off on linking this because it’s an apples-and-oranges comparison, but since he’s busy making a policy fruit salad here, why not?

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