Celebrity parasite: I'm sorry that I was sorry for being a jackass

Many of you read the article last night, but trust me — you can’t get the full flavor of his remarks without the monotone. Serious question: At this point, how much of the press’s fascination with this bottom-feeder is due to (a) his willingness to dish dirt on Palin versus (b) just the sheer spectacle of his astounding shamelessness? If you think it must be all (a) and not (b), have a look at this highlight reel of talking heads sneering at him on camera. He’s practically a media in-joke at this point. And his existence flatters them too, of course. He is, after all, a red-stater and self-described “redneck” who’s very, very desperate for their attention/approval, and they … quite like that dynamic. Factor in his gossiping about one of their archenemies and it’s no surprise he’s getting four-minute segments on a major broadcast network’s morning show. Exit question: Why not cut out the middleman and make him CBS’s official Hollywood cub reporter? He’d be like Luke Russert, except way creepier.