Video: Hey, let's follow Palin around the airport with a camera for some reason

Via lefty Tommy Christopher at Mediaite, who’s sufficiently creeped out by this to notice that there appears to be no security around during the part where Palin and “Hawk” first meet outside the airport. The Palins are understandably creeped out too, of course: Unless they’re in the habit of snapping pics of all their “fans” as mementos, I assume the cell-phone photos taken here are for use by bodyguards so that they know who they’re dealing with if they meet Hawk again in the future. I remember back in April when the media was whining about her demand to travel first-class on some continental flights that it seemed amazing that she was still traveling commercial instead of via private jet. Surely, at the very least, the animosity towards her in some quarters of the left means she needs a phalanx of security whenever she travels, right? And yet … no visible signs of it here, at least at the beginning. Maybe they’re out of frame?