First DNC midterm ad: Boooooooosh

Via Sam Stein at HuffPo, who flags the same quote from this recent NYT piece that I thought of when I saw his headline:

Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, said the Democratic Party was showing its desperation by spending so much time focusing on his brother. “It’s a loser issue — they have a big L on their foreheads,” Mr. Bush said in an interview. “If that’s all they’ve got, it’s a pretty good indication of the problems that the Democrats face in 2010.”

Remember, according to the Dems’ own polling, Dubya is six points ahead of our global messiah in frontline House districts. But since they’re going to try to wring one more election cycle out of blaming Bush, I think it’d actually be hilarious if GWB granted their wish and came out in favor of the Ground Zero mosque — eventually. He should wait until their anti-Bush messaging is at fever pitch, then throw them a wicked curveball by weighing in on their side. Imagine the cognitive dissonance as our liberal betters have to segue from Bushitler op-eds to “George Bush, patriot” hosannas literally overnight. Greatest media clusterfark evah.

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