Sweet new NRSC ad: You're the extremists, Democrats

Via Geraghty, a dandy little illustration of the meta-narrative for the midterms. The narrative is all about big government, the stimulus, ObamaCare, and so forth — all reason enough to go to the polls and vote, but all debatable on their individual merits. The meta-narrative is about Democratic contempt for American public opinion, which of course is why the mosque story has legs. You can debate whether that contempt exists or not, but assuming that it exists (and it surely does, although lefties will deny it in the interest of raw political survival), there’s no debate as to whether it’s a good thing or bad thing. If the GOP convinces independents that the left holds them in contempt — or rather, I should say, if Democrats convince independents of that — they’ll take a beating of Biblical proportions. We’re well on our way.

Do note that there’s lots of Rasmussen sourcing here, which will lead to plenty of screeching about supposedly tilted numbers from the usual suspects tomorrow. Oh well.