GOP candidate: Palin totally let me down by endorsing all these RINOs

Via Conservatives4Palin, which naturally is destroying this guy over this. It’s as mild a knock on Palin as you can get, though: He really likes her but he can’t stomach the Fiorina endorsement, even though for the moment Carly’s nomination looks like it’ll pay huge dividends for the GOP. (Anyone seriously believe the more right-wing, less well funded Chuck DeVore would fare as well in a California general election?) What you’re seeing here, I think, is the downside to Palin’s most remarkable talent — convincing her most devoted supporters that she’s not actually a politician but rather some sort of avatar of conservatism and guileless authenticity for whom self-interest and strategy never enter the equation. She bet on Fiorina because she thought Fiorina could win, because it helps her brand of supporting conservative women, and, perhaps, because backing a perceived moderate might help to soften her own media-driven image as some sort of right-of-Buchanan Bircher/theocrat hybrid. Kelly thinks she should have backed DeVore because, well, he was the “true conservative” in the race and that’s all that matters, even though it wasn’t all that matters to Palin. Or maybe I’m not giving Kelly enough credit for strategizing, and this is simply his attempt to exploit her image to prove his own “true conservative” bona fides. He’s more red-state than even Sarahcuda!

Speaking of exploiting Palin’s image, Sheryl Crow’s got a new song out dumping on her for “ranting.” But then, that’s what artists do, my friends — take bold, unconventional stands that less brave hearts wouldn’t dare take.