CBS to chump: What kind of man lets his girlfriend get hit by a foul ball?

I thought we’d been over this. Would a guy who didn’t know exactly what he was doing have a girlfriend this attractive? Alas, Ace co-blogger DrewM refuses to learn his lesson and insists that this dude can’t possibly be an alpha male, as he’s lamely been insisting that he lost the ball in the lights. But see, that’s the point: Only an alpha would have the nerve to float an excuse that feeble. In fact, it’s not even an excuse; he’s basically admitting that he stepped out of the way and relying on pure wink-wink “I’m so roguish, I’m really not even trying to defend this” charm to get away with it. Masterful.

Our hero and heroine are now broken up, alas (albeit not because of the foul ball), leading Drew to wonder whether she’ll soon have her own dating show. Could be, and doubtless the winner will be an alpha too. Free advice for Sara: If the next guy takes you to a ballgame, bring a glove.