Inevitable: Taiwanese animators take on insane Jet Blue flight attendant folk hero

It was a rush job, so not only do we get just 24 seconds of vid but the exciting conclusion involving Slater, his boyfriend, a bed, and some very surprised Port Authority cops isn’t depicted. Which is tragic, really, because if there’s one thing these Taiwanese animators know how to do, it’s render an O-face. Maybe there’ll be a full-length sequel?

If you’re wondering whether the actual incident possibly could have been as awesome as initially reported, you’re in luck: Heather Robinson, a former reporter, was onboard and saw the whole thing. And … yeah, it was that awesome.

It was when we stood up to disembark — in those annoying moments when everyone is waiting to be released from the metal can we’ve been packed in together — that Steven Slater commandeered the PA system and issued his rant. I didn’t take notes so the following is not exact, but a paraphrase: “F— you! F— all of you! I’m f—— through with this! I’VE HAD IT! I’ve been doing this for 28 f—— years and I can’t take it anymore. And for the f—– a—–who told me to f— off: f— you! That’s it! I’m done! F— you all!”

At that point the older Catholic lady looked back at me and crossed herself, and I told her, “No, that is not normal.”

That’s when he popped the chute, drove home, and did what any stressed-out alpha male would: He got some action. And now he’s looking at … seven years in prison? It’s time to order a t-shirt and start working for justice, my friends.

Because the Slater animation is so short, I’m tacking on a second, unrelated yet irresistible vid that’s just out today from Next Media. No need to thank me. It’s my honor to serve.

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