Celebrity parasite's new reality show: Running for mayor of Wasilla

Remind me again, what great crime did Palin supposedly commit against this jackass that supposedly justifies his endless stream of backbiting and mockery of her? If I’m not mistaken, according to Palin-haters, her alleged original sin was asking him to come to the Republican convention and provide political cover by appearing with Bristol in the aftermath of the news that she was pregnant. And supposedly, because of that one request, every low-rent thing he’s done ever since is somehow … karma, or payback? Simple question: For a fame-whore known to go by the moniker “Ricky Hollywood,” wasn’t bringing him to the convention pretty much the nicest thing you could do for him? It’s like saying that he’s now justified in running a vendetta against Fox because they were dumb enough to invite him to the Teen Choice Awards.

Alternate headline: “Jon Gosselin no longer the biggest D-bag to have his own reality show.”

Johnston will run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska — yes, the same job that propelled Sarah Palin to governor of that state (and later, the vice presidential nomination) — in a new reality project being pitched by Stone and Co.

“Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office” will center on Johnston’s newfound fame as the baby daddy to Palin’s grandson, Tripp…

Johnston’s candidacy isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds: Wasilla’s current mayor, lawyer Verne E. Rupright, won the seat in 2008 with 466 votes — less than 100 from his nearest competitor, who received 373…

And should his candidacy prove successful in Wasilla, Jones said he’s got Johnston’s sights set next on the Alaska governor’s race — and it’s not entirely clear whether he’s kidding or not. (And if it again sounds too far-fetched, remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura were elected governor in much more populous states.)

The show’s also going to focus on Levi being a father to Tripp, so all the dads out there might want to tune in for some pointers. Exit quotation via Ace: “Imagine if a man-boy had treated Chelsea Clinton in such a vile manner.”