Video: Noted liberal bummed that most Christians aren't as liberal as she is

After all the Anne Rice “quotes of the day” lately, I felt like I owed you a clip. If you’re pressed for time, skip ahead to four minutes in and digest her response to Behar’s question of whether (a) she believes abortion is the (premeditated) taking of a human life and (b) whether that means she’d attempt to legally limit “choice” for other women. Rice’s answers: Yes and no. Which … is unfathomable to me. If you don’t think abortion is murder and want to keep it legal for that reason, okay; if you do think it’s murder and want to make it illegal for that reason, okay to that too. But how do you conclude that it’s murder and yet that we should keep it legal? Her argument is that you can never eliminate the practice, i.e. that the laws are “unenforceable,” so why bother criminalizing it? To which I say, you can never eliminate murder between adults either … so why bother criminalizing it? She seems almost indifferent to deterring, however marginally, a practice she herself appears to equate with murder. Exit question: Dude?