AP scoop: Why Alvin Greene was discharged from the Air Force

We already knew it was an honorable discharge, but he had consistently refused to tell the press why. Just one of the many mysteries to date surrounding him, along with the, er, unpleasantness in that college computer lab.

Well, the mystery’s now solved. Turns out he had a problem with … performing basic duties.

Greene is “usually capable of handling mundane tasks with supervision” but is “not able to adapt to any changes to daily routine,” the reviewer wrote, also noting that Greene had received multiple disciplinary actions for failing to perform his duties.

Greene was also written up for posting sensitive information on a military Internet server, a mistake that resulted in a three-day work stoppage. Records showed Greene was kept at Shaw while the rest of his unit deployed after leadership “recognized his inability to contribute to the wartime mission.”…

The reviewer also wrote Greene “required a daily to-do list” to perform basic duties and had a “consistent inability to follow instructions or maintain basic job knowledge.” Most seriously, the reviewer wrote that Greene would represent
“a threat to others” because of his inability to grasp the basics of military training.

In additional comments, the reviewer said she would not recommend Greene for promotion but did note his community service work and fundraising efforts for a holiday party. “While Alvin is a decent person, he lacks the basic skills necessary for promotion,” the summary said.

At one point, after the mistake with the military server, they moved him to the department that handles … weapons of mass destruction (albeit, supposedly, only to perform mundane tasks). Greene’s response to the poor reviews? Quote: “I’m telling you who they promote: the terrorists and the communists. This is why we need to overhaul the military and get these people out.” Which, of course, is a vile lie. It’s only terrorists who occasionally get promoted.

The good news here, I guess, is that he doesn’t have to worry much about the new revelations doing any damage to his upset bid. If, like me, you’re already sold on “America’s candidate,” there’s practically nothing that’ll get you to ask for a refund. I mean, seriously — just look at this video. Awesome. (Hat tip to Spruiell.)