Hillary: Someone in the Pakistani government knows where Bin Laden is

I was amazed when she casually tossed this accusation out there last October and I’m still amazed now that she’s repeating it. Which is not to say that she’s wrong on the facts: When a country’s intelligence service not only funds and supplies a jihadi proxy army next door in Afghanistan but allegedly participates in its leadership council, they’re bound to hear a rumor or two (or provide a safe house or two?) about the world’s most wanted man. What I can’t understand is why she’d be so open in talking about it. Does she realize that the average American’s going to watch this and feel very confused as to why we’re “partnering” with the Pakistanis to defeat the Taliban when, according to HRC, they’re actually sitting on the hidden location of America’s public enemy number one? Is this some sort of hamfisted way of pressuring Islamabad to turn over Bin Laden, as if nine years of foreign aid and diplomacy will finally start to work if only she embarrasses them enough publicly? What’s the strategy here, assuming there is one? Click the image to watch.