No, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston aren't doing a reality show

I’ve already got angry Palin supporters e-mailing to demand that I post this to clear the air about the rumors. Now that I have, there’ll be angry Palin supporters in the comments accusing me of posting more Palin-related tabloid trash.

Sometimes, my friends, it feels like a RINO candy-ass just can’t win.

Despite recent web chatter that the recently engaged couple is filming a reality show, a rep for Palin, 19, set the record straight to

“There is a lot of public speculation that Bristol and Levi have signed up for a reality show about their relationship. They have not,” Palin’s rep tells Us.

“While several networks have pitched different concepts, Bristol has not agreed to participate in any show. Her focus remains on doing what is best for Tripp and her family.”

If you believe the New York Post, the reason the show’s not happening is that, er, “Neither of them have personalities,” but maybe Bristol simply thought of her son and mom and reconsidered. Exit question: $100,000 isn’t a bad consolation prize, is it?