Pelosi fundraising e-mail: I guarantee that we'll hold the House

I can’t believe that, four full days after Gibbs’s innocuous, semi-retracted, painfully self-evident comment on Meet the Press about the House being up for grabs, she and the rest of the caucus are still screeching about it. Nothing wrong with getting angry when a spokesman says something that blows up in your face — we’ve all been there, Nancy — but we’re now well past the point of righteous upset. It makes no sense for them to harp on this since even dopey guarantees like Pelosi’s indirectly remind people that the issue is now in doubt — unless they’re trying to set Gibbs up as some sort of partial scapegoat for the beating they’re going to take. “If only our press secretary hadn’t handed the GOP that devastating soundbite that we then spent a week talking about…”

In a new fundraising email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Pelosi guarantees in no uncertain terms that Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives.

“Here is what will happen in November. Democrats will keep control of the House. Period.”

Pelosi adds that she’s got a secret weapon up her sleeve to ensure triumph … you!

Quoth Chuck Todd: “When the going gets tough, Democrats, well, they freak out.” I’ll leave you with this comedy classic clip — which, according to Major Garrett, is actually being circulated tonight by the RNC as a response to the DNC’s memo on the midterms. Sweet.