Megyn Kelly: Is my coverage of the Black Panther case racist?

Radioactive fallout from the nuclear exchange with KP, who’s conspicuously missing from this segment. Playing her part here — and showing/receiving vastly more respect — is Juan Williams. In fact, this is almost a bizarro-world version of yesterday’s screamfest as JW makes most of the same points KP did albeit in a more politic manner: Yes, he concedes, the DOJ’s decision to drop the Panthers case is a legit story (something she didn’t admit initially but went on to say later in the segment), but absent a formal finding that it was part of a program of bias inside the Department, the relentless coverage feels like racial scaremongering. Was that so hard?

Exit question: Should I be worried that KP hasn’t been on since the big dust-up with Kelly? Gulp.

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John Sexton 10:40 PM on February 07, 2023