Video: Geraldo and Malik Shabazz argue for 15 minutes

Via the Right Scoop, one of them’s a race-baiter prone to insane utterances … and the other’s Malik Shabazz. No no, just kidding. Geraldo’s the “good guy” here, I guess, thanks to Shabazz’s promise of, ahem, “direct opposition” to Glenn Beck last week, but the whole exercise is depressingly cynical. The most noteworthy thing Shabazz says (aside from his descent into Trutherism at around three minutes in) is reminding the audience that he’s been on Hannity’s show 20 times. That’s probably true; in fact, he’s been a Fox News regular for years, and was once so obnoxious to Michelle on air that Keith Olbermann — yes, really — rode to her defense by naming him one of his worst persons in the world. He’s gotten a lottttt of media mileage from Fox for being a master of the incendiary soundbite, partly because the outrageous outrage he provokes is good for ratings and partly because, as here, his demagoguery necessarily casts the host in the role of Spokesman for Decency. Which, when it comes to Geraldo, is no mean feat.

It’s a long clip, but look out for the part at around 12:10 where Shabazz tells Geraldo he’s part of the problem because he doesn’t support reparations. Good times.