Dem governors wonder: This immigration lawsuit against Arizona is sort of insane, isn't it?

Naturally I want to agree, but wouldn’t it also be arguably insane for The One to flip his base the bird and declare that he isn’t going to do anything for them this year on immigration? We’re forever trapped in this rough calculus of trying to determine whether pursuing policy X will please more liberals than it will alienate centrists; presumably Obama think that his support for comprehensive reform and antipathy to Arizona’s law is sufficiently well known that he’s already pissed off everyone he’s going to piss off, in which case why not do something for the O-bots in hopes that it’ll goose turnout in the midterms? It’s not a crazy assumption — although it sure is interesting that a lot of people in his party seem to think that it is.

Look on the bright side, Democrats: Unlike so many other terrible Obama ideas, at least this one isn’t waiting to explode in your face a few years down the road.

At the Democrats’ meeting on Saturday, some governors bemoaned the timing of the Justice Department lawsuit, according to two governors who spoke anonymously because the discussion was private.

“Universally the governors are saying, ‘We’ve got to talk about jobs,’ ” Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, a Democrat, said in an interview. “And all of a sudden we have immigration going on.”…

“I might have chosen both a different tack and a different time,” said Gov. Bill Ritter Jr. of Colorado, a Democrat who was facing a tough fight for re-election and pulled out of the race earlier this year. “This is an issue that divides us politically, and I’m hopeful that their strategy doesn’t do that in a way that makes it more difficult for candidates to get elected, particularly in the West.”…

Mr. Bredesen said that in Tennessee, where the governor’s race will be tight this year, Democratic candidates were already on the defensive about the federal health care overhaul, and the suit against Arizona further weakened them. In Tennessee, he said, Democratic candidates are already “disavowing” the immigration lawsuit.

MKH notes that fully 12 gubernatorial races are toss-ups at the moment. Here’s the real issue Dem dissidents should be focused on but aren’t: Why would the DOJ sue now, on grounds that federal law preempts state enforcement — which plays right into public worries about Obama’s intrusive centralized government dictating to the states — rather than wait until the law goes into effect this month and then sue if/when there’s some sort of incident involving the cops using racial profiling? That’d be more popular politically, especially if the profiling involved a U.S. citizen. In fact, here’s Bob Schieffer asking Holder that very question; his answer, natch, is they might sue again in that circumstance. Skip ahead to 6:45.