Video: More from DOJ lawyer who resigned over voter-intimidation case

You’ll be lost here if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, so go do that. It’s round two between Megyn Kelly and J. Christian Adams, whom the DOJ is now accusing of being unhappy with his job. Not so, says Adams; in fact, he was promoted as recently as April 28. I keep trying to come up with ulterior motives for this guy to be saying what he’s saying, but the most obvious one — financial — doesn’t make sense. Surely he didn’t quit the DOJ so that he could blog for Pajamas Media. Maybe he’s trying to catch on with a conservative legal outfit and this is his way of getting their attention? Seems highly unlikely that he’d drop a good salary for something like that in an economy as tough as this one. Radical theory: Maybe, just maybe, he’s telling the truth, huh?

Two big takeaways here. First, supposedly the DOJ dropped its case against the Panthers (which, remember, it had already won due to the defendants’ default) because the facts were thin and it felt ethically obliged not to proceed. That’s one for election lawyers to tussle over, but Adams said yesterday that this was one of the most flagrant examples intimidation he’d ever seen. If he’s right, the case is anything but weak. And second, how high up the food chain did the decision to drop the matter stretch? He has no personal knowledge that Holder made the call, but given how high-profile the incident was, he clearly thinks the order came from him. Dig, media, dig!