Good news: Mass. school now may limit condoms to, um, fifth-graders and older

A moral victory, my friends: From now on, if you want a condom from the school nurse in Provincetown, you’ll need to be at least 10 years old.

Or nine, I suppose, if you happened to skip a grade.

A day after the new policy caused a media firestorm, School Committee chairman Peter Grosso said that Provincetown would probably limit condoms to fifth-graders and older. His stance stemmed from a conversation he had with Superintendent Beth Singer, author of the rule set to take effect this fall.

“She said the School Committee is going to have to revisit the policy and definitely reword it so it’s self-explaining, and possibly wording it so that maybe there would be an exclusion of the real young grades,’’ Grosso said.

In a rare intervention in a local matter, [Gov. Deval] Patrick called Singer yesterday morning to urge her to keep the free condoms out of the Cape Cod community’s elementary school, which serves preschoolers to sixth-graders

School Committee member Carrie Notaro said that while she prefers the current policy, she is willing to compromise.

“If parents are that upset, and we have to revise it to fifth- and sixth-graders, then that would be fine with me,’’ said Notaro, who has a preschooler and a second-grader in the elementary school.

No condoms unless you’re in junior high: Way to lay down the law, Deval. Incidentally, anyone think he would have opened his mouth here if he wasn’t up for re-election and facing two Republicans who are milking this story for all its worth?

Here’s Fox News vid of Megyn Kelly making the case that the school should draw the line in supplying condoms at the state’s age of consent — namely, 16. How does that answer the safety argument, though?

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