Mika Brzezinski: I'm working with the White House on oil spill talking points

At first I thought she was joking, then I remembered that Obama’s team has been known to interact with Scarborough and crew while they’re live on the air, so … yeah, she’s got some contacts and is probably telling the truth. As lame as it is to be acting as a de facto administration spokesman, though, is there any ethical issue here if she discloses what she’s doing? I’m loath to beat up on her, partly because she’s been willing to tell inconvenient truths about her own side in the past and partly because, on a show as freewheeling as this one, I can understand an “any weapon to hand” approach to keep the conversation moving. If the White House hands her a “fact” that she confirms as factual and is upfront about where it’s coming from, what’s the harm? It’s her reputation to do with what she likes, and there’s no blackout on conservative viewpoints on this show (unlike certain other MSNBC fare which we shall not mention). Click the image to watch.