Bad news: Princess Leia hates racist "teabaggers"

Not a surprise, but I’m not going to lie to you. This one hurts.

What’s happened to the world where Leia is on the side of the Empire, my friends?

Is there anyone you haven’t met that you’ve always wanted to?

I’m surprised you haven’t met him.
I know. I love him. Hopefully I’ll meet him sometime. I’m just happy he exists.

Do you think Tea Party is just people who are pissed that there is an African American president?
Yup, and the fact that they chose to call themselves “teabaggers,” which is slang for a certain act involving b***s. It sort of says a lot. I would say a mouthful. Looks like it’s very upsetting for them, but he’s brilliant. The thing is, he’s half white but that’s still not enough — for them it’s all white or f**k off. I think we don’t deserve him and certainly teabaggers don’t deserve him.

Mind you, Carrie Fisher is known for being something of a wit and raconteur, yet when it comes to tea partiers, her schtick is warmed-over Garofalo with a side order of balls-in-the-mouth humor that MSNBC was pushing eight months ago. In fact, at this point, I think that’s my biggest objection to it. If you’re going to smear millions of people in one fell swoop, at least be entertaining about it. Toss in a “Dick Armey” pun, which has only been done half a million times compared to the million “teabagger” jokes. Dazzle me.

Between this, George Lucas calling Obama his hero, and Harrison Ford getting on The One for not passing ObamaCare quickly enough, is there anyone left in the Star Wars universe to feel warmly about? Threepio, maybe? He’s got sort of a Brooks/Frum centrist conservative vibe going on.