Trainwreck: Shep Smith grills Democratic mystery nominee facing obscenity charge

Rarely do I agree with Jim Clyburn, but c’mon: Clearly, he’s right that there’s more to this guy’s “political career” than meets the eye. (Clyburn’s leading theory: He’s a tea-party plant!) I’m giving you two clips, one of Shep’s interview and the other of an interview Greene did with a local news outlet. They’re both long-ish, but if you can only spare time for one, make it the second. It’s an even bigger trainwreck than the Fox segment is.


The question of the hour: Where’d this guy come up with ten grand?

So, in economic terms, the timeline goes like this: Greene’s military paychecks stopped in August. Three months later, he filed an affidavit with a South Carolina court claiming to be indigent. And four months after that he walked into the South Carolina Democratic Party headquarters with a personal check for $10,400. It doesn’t add up.

Calls to Greene’s attorney weren’t returned, and Greene’s phone line was busy.

Speculation is rampant in South Carolina that Greene was a plant installed by GOP operatives to sow racial dissension in the primary and thereby disrupt the campaign plans of the anticipated winner, Vic Rawl. But Greene literally did not run a campaign, and his failure to do so seems to argue against that theory. What’s the point of paying $10,000 to throw a monkey wrench into the political works if you’re not going to cause a ruckus?

They’re not kidding when they say he didn’t run a campaign. As you’ll see from the clips, the guy literally did nothing except — supposedly — drive around the state meeting with people, even though he can’t seem to recall any specific examples of having done that. He also can’t seem to recall basic information given to him just moments before. Sample quote from his interview with The Root:


TR: How do you think you beat your opponent, Vic Rawl, who raised nearly $200,000?

AG: I didn’t know he had that much. What did he spend it on?

TR: I’d imagine a Web site, a staff, signage, things most political campaigns have.

AG: Well, I’m self-managed…

TR: Including the $10,400 filing fee to become a candidate, would you say you spent less than $12,000 on your campaign?

AG: A whole lot less.

TR: How, then, did you beat someone who had more than 10 times the money you had?

AG: What was that amount again that he spent? A hundred bucks?

TR: No. He raised $186,000.

AG: A hundred eighty-six thousand? That’s kind of amazing.

Exit question: Dude?

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